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Inserting links in your posts

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Inserting links in your posts

Post by Admin on Thu Dec 11, 2014 6:31 pm


Copy the page url you wish to publish.

Back in the forum, open your new topic or reply and click on the "Insert a link" icon:

Paste the url in to the "URL" field:

This will appear within your post as a "standard" url, such as

Some very long links (ebay for example) can cause the forum pages to display poorly,
requiring viewers to scroll horizontally to read the full post.
This affects the entire thread and spoils the reader's experience.

If you add a description to the "Description" field, just the description will appear
as a hyperlink, helping the readability of your post.

Adding the words "Good source of camping food ideas" to the "description field for
the above url, creates the following hyperlink:

Good source of camping food ideas


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